Following the wide recognition of 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 editions, Project CONCRETE organises the 6th edition of CONCRETE – ARCHITECTURE AND TECHNIC, in partnership with prestigious national and international research institution and universities.

The conference aims at studying the built environment, both new and historically consolidated. The course of the research focuses on using innovative technologies to get performances better, static and seismic, of concrete structures/frameworks, both reinforced and not. For this purpose the interest is on the use of a mix of design and nanotechnologies blend, such as exoskeletons, for the conservation of the construction and prestigious architecture of the past century. One of the main interests of the conference is the increasingly popular use of a mix of design and raw materials from reuse and recycling processes. Those technologies have achieved high performance levels and they have defined very innovative design methodologies, even in high seismic risk areas.

The conservation of the built environment of the XX century and the project of conserving new architecture of the XXI century will be the leitmotiv for the 2020 CONCRETE edition.  As in past editions young scholars, PhD candidates and researchers will have be main actors, with at least two speeches for each session and one prize for the best contribute to research, established by the Scientific Committee. The meeting organizers, together for the first time in the international network of Project CONCRETE will be glad to receive guests at the headquarters of ‘900 Multimedia Museum in Venezia Mestre.